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Ten Minute Toner

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Lifestyle Health & Fitness
Developer: Rough Rider Productions

In todays world, it is easy to find yourself without enough time to devote to getting the right amount of exercise. But heres the good news. There have been numerous studies conducted that show that with as little as ten minutes of exercise a day, you can improve your overall wellness. Thats a very small investment for the benefit. But there are many of us who still adopt a sedentary lifestyle because we dont want to join a gym. Some believe that you need to work out for 30 to 60 minutes but the medical evidence is out there that proves that a little exercise is better than none.

So, how do we make our investment in our overall health less of a burden? How can we make it an enjoyable experience that we want to do everyday? We thought about it and realized that many of us still enjoy watching music videos and listening to music. Some of us need a coach to keep us going and a way to keep track of our commitment. When you merge all of these ideas, you get Ten Minute Toner... an app that was crafted to assist in your devotion of ten minutes towards the maintenance of your bodys strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility!

You are one step away from having an app that can entertain you with your favorite videos and music while you work out.


- Four ten minute body sculpting routines

- 22 exercises that address strength, endurance, balance and flexibility

- Daily reminders to exercise

- Embedded Video and Music Player that utilizes your iPhones media library

- Automated Voice Coach

- Social media integration

- Calendar tracker to save daily participation

- Animated exercise character

- Designed and Optimized for iPhone 6, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus

Dont wait. Get healthier with Ten Minute Toner.
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